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Three Pillars of Fitness have been lucky enough to work with some amazing people and we are always extremely glad to recieve comments from our clients. Some of the nice things people have said to us recently are below. Thanks to all of our clients who take the time to put pen to paper (or should that be keys to keyboard).

I’m not great at sticking to fitness regimes as a rule but have been attending Trigger Point Pilates classes for well over a year now and find the help and support given by Andy to be invaluable. I’ve had none of my old back pain since attending and am much more conscious of posture, how to avoid injury and how to target specific areas for increased strength. Andy really knows his stuff #fitness geek! The class is relaxing and always targeted to the needs of the small group attending with 1:1 intervention when required. Highly recommended!
— Jo Northgate- Rottingdean
I have just done a 12 week block of P.T sessions with Andy. I highly recommend him. He keeps you motivated and I lost 2.5 stones bodyweight with his help. I’m still going to his Boxercise and Trigger Point Pilates classes.
Thanks, Andy
— Mark Styles- Saltdean
“I have been going to Saturday Boxing (hiit) for a few weeks and it’s just been fantastic. It’s 30 mins of exercise with a really friendly group of people...Andy has the ability to up the class to everyone’s levels and every week the classes have been different. Andy works round the weather conditions and uses different equipment to keep the class fun and interesting. I just love the class, it gets me up and running for the rest of Saturday. And, even better, my bat wings are coming down and I am getting fitter week on week. Love it. Thanks Andy for your weekly support!!”
— Michelle Tucker- Woodindgean Brighton
I so enjoy going to Andy’s Pilate classes. Andy is an excellent trainer making the class enjoyable, relaxing and informative. I always come away from the class feeling that I’ve done my body some good! If you’ve never experienced Pilate’s- try Andy’s trigger point- you will be hooked. I also attend his Circuit training - brilliant fun, varied exercises giving your body a full work-out. Andy is patient and attentive, adapting the exercises to individual needs and ability. I really look forward to Tuesday evenings!!
Thank you!
— Julie BlackShaw- Woodingdean Brighton
I attended a 10 week course with Andy and it has completely changed the way I think about food. I was a hopeless yo-yo dieter before and Andy has done what no one else could do and that was changing my eating habits for good. I am still losing weight despite finishing his course months ago. Thank you!!
— Charlene Howells- Woodingdean Brighton
I love Andy’s circuit classes. Andy makes them so good - he gives us different activities to do and makes sure that we know what we are doing. If he sees anyone needs a challenge he will give it to them and if he sees anyone struggling he adapts the exercise. It feels great that he understands both, it makes the classes fun and challenging.Thank you!
— Lis Telcs- Woodingdean Brighton
Andy’s Trigger Point Pilate’s helped me from my 1st session. I have degenerative discs in my middle spine and certain chairs can really affect it. I would look at chairs and think “how much are you going to hurt me” The pain was like a vicious circle and had been getting worse and more constant. Since starting Trigger Point Pilate’s the pain has reduced significantly and I’m no longer looking at chairs so dis-trustingly. The vicious circle has been broken! Thank you!
— Harvey Samson- Woodingdean Brighton
For me, the best thing is that our sessions are tailored to my needs, you have amended the workouts to focus on my previously operated shoulder and following my eye surgery and yet those adaptions do not compromise the sessions efficiency. I guess that’s what a Personal Trainer should be aiming to do but I wanted you to know that you are great at that!
You have a very charming way of getting to know your clients needs. I could not have forseen the progress that we have made and am very pleased with it! Thank you!
— Linda Newman- Woodingdean Brighton
Andy is very approachable. When I explained what I wanted he was excited and enthusiatic. He spent time writing a bespoke six week exercise plan for me and invested time to teach me what I needed to do. He also motivated me to acheive my goals.
His dietary plan was excellent and clear, allowing me to enjoy food without ever feeling I was on a diet. Andy is determined to help and I am inspired by his achievements
— Mike Evans- Woodingdean Brighton
I wanted to pen a few words to acknowledge the help and progress you have helped me initiate in just a few short weeks. Since becoming a client on the 4th February as I have seen a remarkable transformation.
You inspired me to revolutionise my diet and general welfare, leading to vastly improved and now normal blood pressure readings and a drop in weight of nearly a stone.
In our twice weekly sessions, which I have to say are enormous fun!

I have already seen progress in my ability and stamina. You quickly identified exercise that I would enjoy, and my need for ‘motivational milestones’ has been meet each time.
I strongly recommend your services to anyone who is looking for a qualified professional who is passionate about what they do and making a difference.
— Beverly George- Peacehaven
I recently had an x-ray on my knee (following your advice to see a Doctor) and I have a lot of wear and tear, plus osteo arthritis. Thanks for telling me not to run if it hurt. I have been advised to avoid all running and jogging and to continue quad strengthening exercises as well as to continue losing weight. Thanks again for starting me on a journey to a more active but safe lifestyle.
— Anne Marie-Newhaven
Working with Andy at Three Pillars of Fitness has been very enjoyable, inspirational and life changing. I have learned so much more about nutrition and healthy eating which has enabled me to make changes in my food and exercise habits, with the added bonus of enjoying new foods whilst losing some weight, which I know I will continue.
Andy has been extremely supportive and his knowledge and obvious passion for his subject is a great inspiration.
— Angela Mallard-Southwick

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