At Three Pillars of Fitness we have vast experience in providing support to our clients in community groups and via online tools such as Skype and Watsapp. We also provide lifestyle coaching in the workplace as part of an employee benefits package.

If you’d like to discuss these services you can call us on 07713 328010 or use the button below.


Lifestyle Consultancy

Do you have specific needs as an individual? Perhaps you aren’t quite ready to embrace fitness or step foot in a gym? Would you like help to change shape, increase motivation for exercise or do you need understand the practical tools which could help you to become happier and more consistent in your health choices? Then get in touch.

All of our consultations are delivered with written recommendations. Contact us today to book yours! Consultations can be completed in person, via Skype or Watsapp. 

Habit coaching

Habit Coaching is about setting small goals which are manageable. As your mentor I will teach you about the importance of a health habit for 2 weeks at a time. The subjects will include: Hydration, stress management, snacking, meal building and preparation and the importance of sleep.

Our habit coaching course is run through a closed Facebook group, so you are coached in a safe encouraging environment. Individual catch up calls are offer bi weekly.

Diet doubters

Diet Doubters is our own independent shape change, healthy eating and lifestyle course designed for people who wish to understand how to eat to improve health and/or lose weight. Courses are group based and are only delivered by registered, insured, qualified professionals. Each person will set a goal weekly and will be given progress trackers and helpsheets.

Courses are between 4 and 12 weeks and cover a specific health subject each week. Get in touch for more information.

Corporate/ employee packages

If you employ staff and take your employments responsibilities seriously you can no longer afford to ignore health benefits for your team. Staff sickness costs UK firms £77bn per annum. Our solution can be web/ app based or can be offered in a classroom environment with small group fitness included.

If you want to know how to reduce the cost of your staff sickness and increase health and employee engagement get on contact. We look forward to hearing from you



If you’d like to discuss your specific requirements you can call us on 07713 328010 or use the button below