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Coaching Options

1-2-1 Personal Training

Are you short on time? Unable to leave the house due to family or work commitments? Our priority is to work with you to find the Exercise : Diet and Mindset solutions which work for you as an individual. We know that our clients requirements are different, that’s why we offer you workouts in your home, a private studio, the gym and the great outdoors.

Any questions, give us a call: 01273 258212

Small Group Fitness

If you love to workout in a small group, or want to bring along friends and family, or if you like to try new things and have fun during your sessions then this is your option. Whatever type of fitness you’re looking for we are sure to have something for you. To take a look at our group timetable, hit the button below. If you prefer to discuss in person, just reach out.

You can contact us on 01273 258212

Online/ Corporate Projects

In recent years online solutions for fitness have proven a great solution for those with a love of technology, and a desire for portable health solutions on tap. If you lack motivation, need to be held accountable or want grow your self esteem with the help of online tools and coaching, give us a shout. We pride ourselves on giving you the best tools to smash your personal goals.

For more information, please call us 01273 258212