Having experienced my own weight loss journey I know what it’s like to feel a bit “lost” to reach a plateau or to simply make progress and then find it’s not sustainable. This can be a really bitter pill to swallow and often results in a yo-yo lifestyle, working really hard to achieve our goal and then losing will power, only to return to old habits and possibly, worse health.

As a result of spending 15 years working for demanding High Street banks, where we were trained to reflect and develop our own plans for progression it was natural for me to look at my own journey and build the Three Pillars framework. As I began to do this I was acutely aware that no one Pillar will work in isolation: You can’t out train poor nourishment, you won’t keep your results without the right mind(set) and motivations. That’s why we use the Three Pillars to create happier, healthier and sustainable results. To discuss how the Three Pillars: Exercise, Diet and Mindset can help you, give us a call on 07713 38010 or use the button below

Here at Three Pillars we know that to build a healthy, happy life you need to:

Exercise Pillar 1

Pillar 1 Exercise -Move right

Many, claim to hate exercise. This is often because they spend many hours doing the same  thing, or doing things they don’t like, for example riding an exercise bike or running on a treadmill. Exercise: “Activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness: exercise improves your heart and Lung Power” -The Oxford Dictionary.

As you can see the “official” definition of exercise makes no reference to particular activities. A friend recently posted on Facebook that riding an exercise bike was uncomfortable. My response was, “if that’s the case find an alternative, which you enjoy more!” Our exercise regimes often include a game and access to our app so that you can exercise between sessions #icanmoveright.

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Diet Pillar 2

Pillar 2 Diet -Eat well

If you talk to someone in the developing world about their diet often they will tell you that it consists of vegetables and grains, perhaps some meat. Ask a person in the western world and they will say things like Dukan, Atkins, Lighter life, Slimming world, the Two Day diet (the list is endless). These diets tend to revolve around depravation, which is one of reasons that diets don't work! Diet: "The kind of food that an animal, community or person habitually eats e.g. a vegetarian diet” -The Oxford Dictionary.

No mention of deprivation, supplementation or ready meals from The Oxford Dictionary, instead it refers to habitual behaviours. The Three Pillar mentality is always to review what you are currently eating (by completing a diet log -in our app) and to fine tune it with minimal disruption, once our initial recommendations are in place we’ll advance further #icaneatwell.

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Pillar 3 Mind -Be mentally strong

The mind is indisputably the most powerful tool available to mankind. As the hub of the Human body, the mind is where our decisions are made, our habits are formed and our beliefs are harboured.  Habit: “A settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up”-The Oxford Dictionary.

As you progress in life, it is natural to collect habits. Many habits will be harmless but, some will be detrimental. “Detrimental” habits are difficult to change. This is because your mind creates neuromuscular pathways, in other words; as your actions are repeated a footprint is formed, which becomes deeper over time. At Three Pillars we have a raft of mindset tools and will help you change your mentality over time, the key to success is minimal disruption, achievable goals and the motivation to adhere- ohhhh and we hold you accountable with weekly check ins where you review your progress and plan for the coming week #icanbementallystrong.

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Three Pillars of Fitness.png

Three Pillars -In balance

You could choose to do any one of the Pillars, on their own -but put them together and you create life changing results.

As part of my own journey towards health, it took all of my mental strength, to ensure that I continued to eat well. Doing this allowed me to gain the nutrients I needed to support my new exercise habits. I don’t remember the ‘easy days’ but I do remember the days when I wanted to give up! I would look in the mirror and give myself a stern talking to. I was lucky, I had the support of people who cared about me and my health. I also have a stubborn streak, there was no way I was going to give up.

Soon, eating well became my norm. Exercise was regular and mental strength empowered me to live by the Three Pillars, to which I am still committed #threepillarsoffitness.

Using the Three Pillar model, we work with you to create balance, allowing you to live a fulfilling happy life. We know that finding the motivation to move can be hard, particularly on a cold wet evening when the sofa is calling. We understand that the coffee machine and the vending machine talk to you and we know that life is lived at full speed, rarely stopping to relax.

With the right tools and coaching, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

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