Three Pillars of Fitness runs Trigger Point Pilates™ classes at The Holy Cross (Church Hall) in Woodingdean on Monday evenings, The Whiteway Centre in Rottingdean on Tuesday evenings and in Westdene (Brighton) on Wednesday evenings.

Our Trigger Point Pilate’s classes provide a perfect escape to compliment our busy lifestyles. The class is taught laying on exercise matts and uses a foam roller, prickle balls and a larger Pilate’s ball to provide self applied massage and Myofascial release.

This class is a must if you work at a desk, drive a lot day to day, suffer pain or want to improve your posture. If you’d like to discuss our classes, give us a call on 07713 328010 or use the button below to book your trial class.

Prickle balls Myo fascia release Three Pillars of Fitness.jpg

Relax and breathe

Our Trigger Point Pilate’s sessions are very calming and are taught with classical music to listen to. In the Winter we also teach Candle lit Pilate’s which heightens the sense of relaxation. Mindful movements help to centre our class and build the relationship between mind and body. This is one of our slower paced classes and suits those with less experience of fitness.



joint Mobilityand flexibility

Here my clients are laying on a foam roller, causing the core muscles to stabilise the body and stretching through the chest and shoulders. Suzanne (middle) finds this really useful as she works in an office environment where posture is sometimes comprimised.

Lower Back Stretch Three Pillars of Fitness Trigger Point Pilates.jpg

Stretching for the lower back

This is our class at The Barn in Westdene -Brighton, a beautiful intimate little venue. Here we are stretching the lower back which Ruth (centre) finds really helpful for her back ache. Ruth is a community nurse and spends her days driving around Brighton which causes back ache.

Dead bug Three Pillars of Fitness.JPG

core and co-ordination

This is our class in Woodingdean, Brighton. Here you can see our group practicing the “dead Bug”- I’m sure you can see the resemblance! Jo, bottom left loves this exercise as she really needs to concentrate and wants to strengthen her core muscles to support her posture.

This is what our client Dick thinks of Trigger Point Pilates™

I have been going to Trigger Point Pilates in Westdene for 3 weeks now on a Wednesday.
I must say i have noticed a difference in my aches and pains already, I am a lorry driver & do a lot of lifting, pulling, pushing etc.

Andy is a very good instructor & so knowledgeable, very easy to talk to. I highly recommend this class.

Come along and give it a try!
— Dick Larter -Brighton

To learn more about Trigger Point Pilates and self message why not pick up the phone and call us on: 07713 328010 or

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