How to dorsal raise

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The Dorsal Raise is a great strength training exercise for beginners to develop lower back strength, in order to help prevent back pain.

1. Keep your feet on the floor when doing this exercise to avoid excessive pressure on the lower back.

2. Smoothly lift your head and shoulders only 4 to 6 inches off the floor, holding in the upper phase for 2 – 3 seconds prior to slowly returning back down to repeat again for desired reps.

NB: You can assist your back muscles if they are weak by pushing up with your arms, otherwise place your hands under your forehead, and lift your head and elbows off the ground.

Always look straight down at the floor and with all exercises stop if you feel any pain.

The exercise can be made harder by extending your arms out in front of you, or by holding a suitable weight.

Aim for 10 / 12 repetitions repeated twice.

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Andy Payne