Three Pillars of Fitness runs Chair based exercise classes each week, one is at Peacehaven Town Council (Community House) on Monday mornings and one at The Methodist Church in Woodingdean on Wednesday mornings.

Move it or Lose it™ is great fun and we always include a game.

Move it or lose it™ (chair based fitness)

is for you if…..

  • You are older and want to move more (whilst having fun) or if you’ve never really enjoyed exercise but want to. Perhaps you used to be very active but haven’t done exercise for an extended period.

  • You want to improve: Flexibility, Aerobic fitness (heart and lungs), or if you are looking to prevent muscle wastage (sarcopenia).

  • You have fallen and want to improve strength / fitness/ balance and remain independant.

  • You want to meet likeminded people to socialise (we have great fun, we often play co ordination and memory based games).

  • You suffer a condition such as COPD, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia or Osteoporosis and have been advised to be more active.

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If you would like to discuss setting up a Move it or Lose it™ class for a club, day centre or care home, in your area give us a call on 07713 328010 or use the button below:


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The class is split into four sections: 1. Flexibility to aid with movement and stretching, 2. Aerobic fitness to help heart and lung health, 3. Balance (to prevent falling) and Strenth. Here is Kate, who has had a knee replacement- working to strengthen her front upper leg aka quadriceps.

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Here is Gloria, Gail, Pam. These wonderful ladies come back week after week because the class is fun and enjoyable -their smiles say it all.

Gail suffers with an old shoulder injury and is still able to participate and enjoy the sessions.

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functional movement & friendship

In the top half of the picture we have Gail and Josie, below is Maureen and Gail. Move it or lose it does exactly as it says on the tin! As we age movement becomes more difficult due to muscle mass reduction called sarcopenia. Did you know that we lose between 0.5 and 1% muscle mass per year after the age of 50?. In order to retain our muscles we must use it!

This is a game called shadow taps which helps our class members to reach, rotate and squat- all movements which we use daily.

Aerobic fitness Move it or Lose it Three Pillars of Fitness.jpg

50’s & 60’s Music

This is our group in Woodingdean, as you can see the chair is there if needed. All exercises are taught with an option to be in the chair, standing to the side of the chair for support or freestanding. On the left of the picture is out client Pam, she loves to dance and it helps with her breathlessness.

This is what our client Pam thinks of our Move it or Lose it™ classes

Just completed the first Move It or Lose It class in Woodingdean. Excellent class and harder ... or should that be more effective .... than it looks! Certainly felt muscles I forgot I had and still feeling the effects a couple of hours later. So worth doing and suitable for all abilities.
— Pam Pantzer-Brighton


Mondays 10.30am Peacehaven: Community House, Peacehaven Town Council, BN10 8BB

Wednesdays 10am Woodingdean: The Methodist Church, The Ridgeway, Brighton , BN2 6PA

If you’d like more information give us a call, we’d love to hear from you: 07713 328010

Did you know we also teach Move it or Lose it!™ classes in care homes,

day centres and tea clubs? for more information click here to contact us