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Case Study 1:

Linda, Height: 5’10”, Age 63 (years young)

Fitness objectives: To have enough fitness and energy to enjoy her first Grandson.

Diet objectives: Reduce impulse snacking on sub optimum foods and improve hydration.

Overall aims: Reduce weight and boost confidence, hates her triceps (Linda particularly hates photos of herself).

Occupation: Head of H.R in a National Trade Union.

Background: Linda works full time, 4 days a week commuting to London and one day a week working from home. Linda first got in touch because she wanted to improve her overall health and needed to gain confidence in her appearance.

Exercise: Linda was not looking for a quick fix but had a longer term goal to be improve her overall  fitness and health. Linda spent many years mountaineering but has never been a fan of gyms.

Diet: Linda, works in a very stressful environment. This means that she eats on the move. Often this is unplanned and unprepared.

Mind: When we met I could see that Linda was someone who, once committed to a task would follow it through. She was realistic about what she was trying to achieve. One of her key drivers was the planned her own Wedding and the marriage of her eldest son to his long term girlfriend. “I want to be able to stand next to my Son knowing that I am as healthy and strong as I can be. It’s not about vanity, it’s about having that extra bit of confidence on his special day”.

The Three Pillars of Fitness solution: Following an initial consultation we developed a plan that would work around her busy schedule and consisted of a mix of one-to-one Personal Training sessions (these were delivered in Linda’s home in Woodingdean, Brighton. Linda also attends our exercise classes. Every week Linda checks in with us and sets her own priorities for the coming week, she also loves our mid week catch up, which helps her to stay on track. During our discussions, Linda often says “Andy, you know me so well!” -we take this as a massive compliment!

Where are we now? Linda is now Married and was very happy with the photos! :-D We still deliver a weekly 1-2-1 PT session for Linda, she also attends Trigger Point Pilates to help with desk posture and really loves to give the pads a good thrashing in our Boxercise sessions. Linda recently returned from holiday in Corfu where she completed a daily workout via our fitness app.

Case Study 2:

Fitness objectives:

Diet objectives:

Overall aims:






The Three Pillars of Fitness solution:

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