How to get rid of flabby arms

As a Personal Trainer, I am often asked "Andy how do I get rid of my bingo wings?” So in this article I will be looking at options to improve bingo wings.

What are bingo wings?

This term relates to an area of stubborn fat around the tricep (back of the upper arm). The fixation, is when you raise your arm to call a line in bingo the arm looks flabby or loose. Bingo wings are one of the most hated parts of a women body, with up three quarters of Women hating this area of the body (according to The Guardian).

Do bingo wings only effect women?

They don't! Although Men are less concerned with this area of the body, we still suffer! The term used to describe the Male bingo wing is "Chap flap!” (cringe).

Are bingo wings a symptom of menopause?

Weight distribution does change during the Menopause. Yet, many believe that bingo wings are a symptom of Menopause, that is not the case. The North American Society of Menopause, says there's no evidence to support this. Menopause is not causing weight gain, or bingo wings but, as we age we do lose muscle mass (sarcopenia). Along with being less active this is a contributing factor.

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How can I get rid of bingo wings?

Lose weight:

Being over weight is a cause of bingo wings. Developing a good exercise regime which includes cardiovascular exercise and weights will help. Losing weight in general will see a good reductions in arm circumference. Unfortunately it isn’t possible to lose weight at specific sites on the body so calorie deficit and general weight loss is a must- working to improve the quality of your diet by reducing processed foods will also help. The deficit to lose weight should be between 10 and 15% for example:

Calories required for weight maintenance= 2000 per day Ideal deficit required is between 200 and 300 per day (10-15%)=2000 minus 200= 1800 calories a day. Although weight loss helps, someone who has lost a lot of weight may not be carrying fat in the upper arm but loose skin. In this case adding muscle mass is necessary, see below.

Add muscle mass:

To fill the loose skin in your arms following weight loss. Working with resistance, whether it’s your bodyweight or hand weights you can build muscle. Working with a weight which allows you to completed 8 to 12 quality repetitions for 3 sets (rounds) will do it.

Exercises to build triceps muscles include:

-Chair or bench dips

-Skull crushers

-Round the world with a dumbbell or kettle bell

-Push up & diamond push ups

-Narrow grip chest press

-Cable pull-down

Dress clever:

Much easier for guys! A shirt or t-shirt and off we go!, for ladies, consider covering the arms. I’ll leave advising Women on style to the professionals! The following article has some great advice:

Learn to love your body:

Work on your upper arms, of course! Lose a little weight until you are content, add muscle mass and then use these steps to improve your self talk: Be aware of your self talk: Look for beauty in yourself, in others and in your surroundings. Your brain see's things in a certain way. If you don’t want to see beauty you won’t! Smile: If you want to look beautiful and feel beautiful, start smiling! People perceive us as beautiful when we smile. We also calm our nervous systems and release those happy chemicals that give us a boost. Plus we exercise our muscles — mental and physical!


Whilst I do not advocate surgery, if you can’t learn to accept your body as it is, surgery is an option. Arm reduction and lift (Brachioplasty) is a form of body contouring (shaping). It's performed on patients with large amounts of loose or sagging skin on the upper arms. Liposuction during this procedure, removes remaining fat stores. This is a last stop shop and needs careful consideration. The recovery, risk of infection and scaring are all significant in this procedure. Having lost 8.5 stone in weight, myself I had an abdominoplasty and have significant scarring as a result. My recovery was arduous but I have no regrets, each individual must make a decision which suits them!

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Summary: Banishing bingo wings is a challenge. Work to improve the appearance of your upper arms, by losing weight and gaining muscle. The best way to do this is with a phased approach: -Lose weight first (calorie deficit). Then add muscle (small calorie surplus). It's impossible to turn fat to muscle! Learning to accept and respect your body is key! You are much more than a pair of walking bingo wings or chap flaps! Aging and lifestyle are the primary culprits behind weight gain. Age is associated with slowing of the metabolism. Lean body mass decreases with age while body fat accumulates throughout adulthood.

The bottom line: you have to “run to stay in place.”

If you hate your flabby arms, get in contact today and I will help you to beat them! Use the button below to get your training started.

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