5 Tips for eating out

1. Choose before you arrive

You may be eating in a restaurant, perhaps you are “saving yourself?”. You arrive at the restaurant meet your friends and order your drinks. You haven’t seen each other for a while and there’s loads to catch up on. Your friend arrived 10 minutes before you and has choosen their food. Before you know it the waiter/ waitress has arrived and you’re under pressure to order quickly. This will not be a wise choice.

Save yourself the hassle, download the menu beforehand and commit to your choice, based on nourishment :-)

Ohhhh, and the other thing: beware of the bread/ olives or crisps at the table. They’ll fill you up and are salty meaning 1 beer becomes 3!

2. Don’t over #eat starters

You’re hungry. You missed lunch to leave work on time (so that you can actually have a social life!). You are ravenous and the starters look amazing! Choose something small and that you can share -caring is sharing after all! All too often we fill up on starters and then can’t eat our main (where we get most of our nutrients).

3. Don’t drink your calories

A beer/ glass of wine after a stressful day is no problem but one quickly becomes three. The average bottle of beer is 150 kcals (wine 215 kcals -large glass).

It’s Friday evening and unless you’re going to deprive yourself for the rest of the weekend, or feel like incredibly guilty on Monday morning, make a choice about how much you will drink and stick to it!.

So, you’re out dining with a friend, he/ she drinks like a fish and is always so generous buying you more drinks: Share your reasoning for your choices, who knows a good friend might even onboard!!

4. Swap sides for #vegetables

“Would you like fries with that sir? -No I’d love a portion of salad/ steamed veg!”- How good do you feel?

It’s a trend! You get to choose your side (my Irish blood tells me this is a con- your restaurant owner will tell you it’s “giving the client what they want!”- that’s another blog!) Swapping fries/ bread/ pasta for a salad is a great way to increase your fibre intake and micronutrients (the small nutrients - aka vitamins and minerals). It will also mean, less calories and less processed/ fried/ manufactured food! This is a smart move for your lifestyle and will support your exercise regime!

5. Be aware of your environment

Lastly, this is a big one! Just because you are eating at a restaurant it doesn’t mean you have to try everything on the menu. Just because you are meeting friends it doesn’t mean you have to lose control. A better way to eating out is that it provides more choice. I bet your local restaurant has far more choice than your freezer (unless you live at Sainsbury’s). Use eating out to try healthy options which you don’t buy in the Supermarket.

Remembering your why is also a great thing to do before you arrive at a restaurant.

-If you are eating at a friends/ families house, make them aware that you are working on your health and ask nicely for a small portion/ plate- doing this before you arrive is acceptable. They love you and will want to support your choices.

These are just 5 ways which you can eat out without the guilt and which will help youth retain your results. If you’d like to know more about how the Three Pillars EXERCISE | DIET | MIND can help you CLICK HERE to get in contact.