5 Reasons resolutions fail


As 2018 draws to an end, naturally we look back at the year and reflect on progress. How do you feel about your achievement verses your resolution? Did you smash it or is there a degree of disappointment?

In this blog I’ll be looking at 5 main reasons why resolutions don’t work, and how to reverse engineer a resolution to ensure success :-)

  1. Your weren’t specific enough

    Wooly or soft resolutions just aren’t specific enough, meaning you have no guide stick by which to measure your achievement, for example: “This year, I want lose weight” OR “This year I want to earn more”. These sorts of resolutions are set by the majority of us, but they mean little. The question we need to ask is WHY? and HOW? A better resolution would be “This year I WILL lose 20 pounds” or “This year I WILL earn £2k more” With these measures you can be sure you have either made them happen or not.

    What to do?

    Create a goal against the SMART principles: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timed.

  2. Your resolution is the same as previous years

    If you find yourself making the same resolution for a number of years, it clearly doesn’t work. If you really wanted to achieve your goal- I MEAN REALLY! then you’d have done it and progressed to the next stage. If you didn't reach your target in 2018 why is 2019 any different? Setting this sort of goal will only reinforce the behaviour of failure, with the wrong MIND(set) repeated failure is devastating. -More on this in another blog.

    What to do?

    Be more imaginative with your goal setting, find something that is important to you and really get to the core of your motivations- see below

  3. You haven’t invested enough- emotionally

    Let’s look at this by using an example: Last year you made a resolution to become healthier, by being more active and watching what you eat -you’ve been to the docs, who tells you that your BMI (cringe) is 32 (obese). You went home, and resolved to “get healthy” and you went for it. The first week was a struggle, the second was unbearable and you gave up!


    The intension here is a good one, but not much more. This is a classic example of when emotion should play a part in goal setting. -With a pen and paper spend time writing your WHY….. You might find things like: “Because I want to have more confidence” or “I’d like to be in a relationship and less alone” or “I wan’t to be able to play ball without the risk of a coronary” Because I want to see my child be married. EMOTIONAL STUFF- Now explore these feelings further. Ask yourself why? ask again, why? and keep asking until you touch a nerve. Now use this energy to propel you to action.

  4. You set a resolution because your friends did!

    WAIT, no SERIOUSLY WAIT! Your friend is a daredevil and loves jumping (untethered) between high rise buildings. You, on the other hand have a fear of standing on a chair to change a light bulb! -Never do anything simply because someone else is doing it.


    Set goals for yourself, for your own success and growth. Use this blog to help you :-)

  5. THE BIG ONE, You set a resolution that was goal based

    This one needs a bit or reverse engineering. When you set your goal you were smart (you’ve read blogs like this before!). You wanted to deadlift 100Lbs, It was a new resolution- one which means you’d be stronger (for yourself) and would give you the confidence to rock the gym every time you go. But each time you get in the gym you can’t deadlift more than 50! Your mind tells you you’re a failure.- This is a goal based resolution….


    Invent a goal that is journey centric (love a bit of corporate speak), by this I mean, focus and plan the journey. What do you need to do to deadlift 55lbs, 60lbs and so on. Allow yourself to set a macro (large goal) and micro (small goal)- these are daily actions to ensure you get closer to lifting 100lbs. For someone who wants to lose weight the micro goal may be to drink more water (to improve satiety and reduce the want to snack).

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