Christmas Overwhelm?

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

with the kids jingle belling

And everyone telling you be of good cheer-

It’s the most wonderful time of the yeeeeaaaarrrrr!” -Andy Williams

On the other hand, your reality could be quite different from the ideals, which this song implies! The kids are not happy jingle belling, they want the latest Adidas Yeezeees! A new mountain bike and an annual subscription to Spotify for their Christmas present! and if that’s not enough to worry about you’ve got 5 more Christmas engagements to attend -each requiring a different outfit. Ten for dinner on Christmas Day (Including Uncle Phil and Aunty Sandra-who aren’t talking) and a Pescetarian to cater for.

So what to do?

Take yourself off to the coffee shop and spend 30 minutes planning your attack……..A list of everything in your head, this is a classic way to sort sh@t out! -hit the pen and paper!

Once this is done you’ll need 4 headings:

  1. Stuff you can DUMP:

    If it’s neither important or urgent then dump it! You know how crossing things off of a list is really satisfying? -Dumping things from the list which is occupying valuable head space is also very liberating. -Go for it! In red pen, just like teacher did, cross it off of that list!

  2. Stuff you can DELEGATE:

    A continuation of the above. -No successful army has one soldier, in this sense, you are commander and soldier, but you have friends and family who can help you. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, let those around you share their responsibilities.

  3. Stuff to DO- by you:

    These things are both urgent and important. Jobs that only you can do, for one reason or another. Things which have significant consequences if they aren’t done soon or by you. Be ruthless with this step. If someone else can do it for you PLEASE let them, you deserve to ENJOY Christmas too.

  4. Then DECIDE, when you will do things:

    Go back to the your “Stuff to do by you” list and begin to put dates/ times beside your tasks -When you do this air on the side of caution, allow plenty of time to do things. It’s much better to have finished todays tasks and relax or even move on to tomorrows tasks than setting yourself up to fail (by trying to do too much at a time).

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Happy Christmas x